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Bliss Mediation Services was established in 1996 as a Community Mediation company for the residents of Blyth Valley in Northumberland. In 2008 the company became limited by guarantee and is now known as Bliss Services Limited.

The companies change of name was to help clients and other organisations understand that Bliss was no  longer just a mediation company. Bliss Services Ltd has grown steadily since it was established in 1996. On this page we have given a brief transition history into the development of our services. Below is a brief outline of our progress to date.  Bliss is looking to increase its level of services to our local communities & businesses.

1996 – Bliss Mediation Services was established in 1996 to offer Community Mediation to residents of Blyth Valley.

1998 – Bliss gained charitable status in 1998.

2001 – The Family Mediation Project commenced in 2001.

2002 – The Anger Management Pilot scheme in local High Schools commenced 2002. Bliss setup and offered in-house mediation training to all volunteer groups and individuals.

2004 – In 2004 Bliss opened new offices at The Healthy Living Centre, Bedlington, with the help of Wansbeck District Council to help with Community Mediation within Wansbeck District area.

2005 – A.D.H.D. Training established using Solution Focus Therapy Techniques in April 2005. Parent Support Groups for children with A.D.H.D. setup within Wansbeck & Blyth Valley.

2006 – Bliss Sports Skills service starts in February 2006. Teaching social skills development through the coaching of Football Techniques. L.O.T.R.Y. Training service was setup and started in April 2006. Adult Anger Management Coaching Pilot started in September 2006.

2007 – In May 2007 N.L.P. Pilot sessions started to develop a service delivery of the techniques. September 2007 setup the delivery of new training programs. In December 2007 we brought the L.O.T.R.Y. training to the residents of Blyth Valley with the help from the Deprived Areas Fund.

2008 – Our Management Committee formed the new Bliss Services Ltd Board of Directors in March 2008, Change of company logo to;427

2009 –

2010 –

2011 –

2012 – Employment mediation services starts we have successful cases for clients.

2013 – Conflict Management and Counselling services for Companies Human Resources Departments. Food Parcel Service starts.

2014- Counselling Service takes off with huge increase in referrals. New counsellor joins the Team and Success rates grow.

2015- Change of Company Logo to;
Bliss New Logo

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