Community Mediation

community_mediation_900x320 mediationMediation has proven to be successful in resolving a wide variety of disputes and enables the people involved to reach an agreement that satisfies everyone – addressing not only the issue but the relationship.

8 out of 10 who take part in mediation resolve their problems. We suggest mediation as the first option in the resolution of disputes, whatever the issue.

People in dispute often find that communication and trust has broken down. Mediation provides an impartial third party to help them re-build this relationship in a safe and effective way, and enables the parties to come up with practical solutions which benefit everyone.

Mediation is a quicker process than going through the courts. The law does not cover many of the disputes that cause problems between neighbours and resolutions do not address the relationship. Mediation does not prevent parties from initiating other procedures.

All our mediation proceedings are conducted on a “without prejudice” basis. We do not take sides.

We are an independent organisation with charity status providing an professional, impartial, confidential and independent mediation service available to anyone in dispute.

Disputes can cover a wide range of issues;

  • Noise
  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Pets
  • Boundary Prolblems
  • Verbal Abuse
  • Children
  • Parking

The above disputes are the main disputes that mediation helps to resolve but there are many others.

Tips for helping to resolve a neighbourhood dispute, try to;

  • Have a word with your neighbour before you get too angry about the situation.
  • Choose a time that is convenient for everyone.
  • Think about what you want to say before your start.
  • Be clear about your view of the problem and how it affects you.
  • Keep to the issues that are currently relevant.
  • Listen carefully and respectfully.
  • Remain Calm.
  • Avoid shouting or abusive language.
  • Acknowledge differences in attitudes and ways of life.
  • Be open, if your neighbour offers to make concessions, see if you can do the same in return.

Our referral form is available from the downloads page from the main menu above.


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