Food & Essential Packs

packs_900x320lnasto-Green-round-Icon-lnThe food parcel service has been running since October 2013 in the Blyth area.

Originally part of the Mathew Project the Blyth Food Bank (Now called The Enamuas Project) is now run in partnership with Bliss Services Ltd, the 8 Churches of Blyth and VoiCeS.We are helping the most needy of families and individuals.

We offered 3 food parcels to each family for individual that needed help. It’s up to the client when to order and use them as needed.

This service is not to be abused and used as your weekly food shop! 

We all have a limited amount of funding and only so much can go around.

We still collect donations for food, clothing, small items of household furniture.

Please get in touch if you have items to be collected.

We receive funding from The Ridley Family Trust, P & G and Catherine Cookson Trust to buy in items from Fair Shares, Inkind Direct and other bulk buy organisations.

We receive a lot of donations from the local public of Food, Clothing and General Household items.

Anyone can donate we do have a paypal account for donations and any amount is aways welcome.


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